Sinhala Schools

Sinhala Language Teaching Program

Sinhalese Cultural forum conducts Sinhala Language Teaching Program (SLTP) through the education Subcommittee.

Currently there are seven language schools conducting Sunday classes for school age children to learn Sinhala

Language teaching program is the very first community service Sinhalese Cultural Forum started in 1992 in Parramatta. soon after two other schools started in Eastlakes and Campsie.   The number of schools as well as the number of students in the program has been steadily increasing.

The language teaching in these schools is well supported by the numerous cultural activities organised by the Sinhalese Cultural forum, such as the combined school concert,  Miyesi Rangana variety show,  Mahawamsa cultural exhibition and annual Ministers Award program.

Main focus of Sinhala Language Teaching Program is help and support Sinhalese children to understand and practice social and cultural values preserved through 2500 years the Nation’s history and help Sinhalese children to acquire their rightful place in their newly adopted country. Also provide avenues and guidance to Sinhalese Children in NSW Australia, to nurture and preserve their cultural identity, through education of Sinhala language, culture, heritage and Sri Lankan tradition.

Enrollment open for year 2020

Are you interested in giving the best exposure to Sinhala language, culture and values to your child?   It’s time to enroll for 2020 at Sinhala Language schools below.
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Current Sinhala Language School Locations in NSW

  1. North Parramatta – Visit Page
  2. Blacktown – Visit Page
  3. Minto – Visit Page
  4. Newcastle – Visit Page
  5. Wagga Wagga
  6. Dubbo
  7. Wollongong

Activities of Sinhalese community in Sydney