Rasanjalee 2015

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A synergy of traditional and modern Sri Lankan dance, music and drama forms.

Rasanjalee” is a synergy of traditional and modern Sri Lankan dance, music and drama forms, presented by the Sinhalese Cultural forum of New South Wales Inc. to celebrate its Silver Jubilee.

Rasanjalee was a showcase a fascinating blend of world-renowned artists with local talent of Sri Lankan heritage to the delight of all ages. This visually enriching show of high-energy, non-stop entertainment  elevated  the audience to the highest aesthetic experience.

The mega concert, Rasanjalee was presented nationally and internationally renowned performing artists from Sri Lanka to provide the highest artistic experience to the spectators.

Channa Wijewardena

RasanjalieChanna Wijewardena is a highly reputed world renowned artist. With his childhood training at the Chithrasena- Vajira Academy of dance, Channa made his way to the top with utmost dedication and persistence.

Channa Wijewardena specializes in all forms of traditional and creative dancing in Sri Lanka – namely Kandyan, Sabaragamuwa and his own creative modern ballet. Channa’s performances also include all types of traditional Sri Lankan drum patterns with the traditional Kandyan, low country and Sabaragamuwa drums.

Today his troupe over forty performers has given a new dimension to the performing arts in Sri Lanka.

Bhathiya & Santhush

Bathiya & Santhush are young popular artists in the Sri Lankan music industry. They are a pop/rap duo composed of Bathiya Jayakody and Santhush Weeraman, who met while at Mary Anne David’s school for singing in Colombo.

Bathiya Jayakody, , was educated at Ananda College Colombo while Santhush Weeraman was educated at Royal College Colombo. Santhush comes from a musical family, his brother Dushyanth is also a musician of repute. Since the inception of their act in 1998, they have released nearly 8 albums and have had over 25 Sri Lankan number one singles. Bathiya & Santhush are one of the biggest musical acts to hit the Sri Lankan musical scene since the 1990s, mixing Sinhala, Tamil, and English lyrics in their originals, while they have also utilized Hindi language in remix songs bringing out their contemporary style and revolutionising the music industry in Sri Lanka

Saranga Disasekara

Saranga Disasekara is one of the Sri Lanka’s most popular young actors who has excelled in all three mediums namely film, tele-drama and stage drama by performing in an array of such creations. He is well known for his memorable performances in films Sri Siddhartha Gautama (2013), Maharaja Gemunu (2015) and Super Six (2012). He has acted in a rage of tele dramas such as Paba, Muthu Palasa, Alu Banduna, Ganga Addara etc He delivered his unparalleled performance in State award winning stage drama ‘’Adaraneeya Sanwadayak’” in 2013

Umali Thilekerathne

Umali Thilakaratne is a Sri Lankan Actress, Dancer and a Singer. Umali faced a Film Camera for the first time at the age of 14, through “Rosa Wasanthaya”. Then she entered the field of tele-dramas. She presented a memorable performance in the role of “Nadeesha” in her first tele- drama,”Senehase Geethaya”. This paved her way to several tele-dramas and films. The Role “Pabalu” in movie “Asai Man Piyabanna” was a turning point in her life as many viewers started to appreciate her talent of Dancing