About Us

Sinhalese Cultural Forum is one of the leading Sri Lankan community organisations in Sydney. It was initiated the 25th of March 1990, by a group of Sinhalese activists with the intention to promote, foster and propagate the Sinhalese Cultural heritage in New South Wales and Australia within the frame-work of multiculturalism. Our aim is to contribute to the efforts of Australian multicultural directive ” The unity in diversity’ in one Australia”.

Our orgnisation has number of avenues in contributing to the cultural needs of Sinhalese community, the Annual Cultural event Bak Maha Rangana can be described as the pinnacle of the cultural performances in Sydney and it is performed with the contributions from Sri Lankan performers in Australia as well as with invited professional artists from Sri Lanka. The community participation and enthusiasm for this event is ever increasing and SCF is proud that the Bak Maha Rangana Cultural event has been successfully staged 10 times far from year 2001.

Sinhalese Language Teaching Program continues to be another success story for the SCF and it continues to operate with three Sinhala Language Schools in Sydney. Parramatta, Blacktown and Minto areas. Sinhalese Cultural Forum coordinates the smooth operation of these schools according to the guidelines of the Department of Education to facilitate necessary legislative requirements, insurance, course material, teacher training, Syllabus development, and distribution of government funds. All three Sinhala language schools are being operated by Parent Teacher Association of each school.

Publishing the only classical Sinhalese magazine in Australia named “Sinhala” is another proud achievement of SCF. Published as a quarterly magazine continued over 20 years, the Sinhala magazine has made a remarkable contribution to the Sinhala literature. With the supportive readers in Australia, the writers and well wishes of Sinhala magazine has resulted in forming the next major achievement of SCF by forming a “Writers Guild ” to support and flourish the achievements of the Sinhala writers and artists in Sydney.

We invite you to join us in our efforts to promote Sinhalese Culture, by becoming a member and actively participating our community activities. If you have artistic talents such as literature, music, drama etc. we consider it is our duty to help you achieve your expectations Please contact us to become a member

Activities of Sinhalese community in Sydney