Miyesi Rangana 2017

Sydney Sinhalese Talent is getting a chance to Sing and Dance at Riverside Theater with Mahendra Perera and Dilhani Ashokamala..



Yes..you heard it right. This year, Tharuka Wanniarachchi and Mahendra Perera will join the talent of Sydney.


Calling for Expression of Interest


The SCF is now calling for expressions of interest to local artists/performing groups who are interested in performing at the Miyesi Rangana 2017.

All applications should be received by 12.00pm Tuesday, 30 May 2017.

Email applications to: miyesirangana2017@gmail.com 

Download applications here:


Every performer /performing group must fill this form and submit it to the following email


What is Miyesi Rangana?

Miyesi Rangana is the premier annual Sinhalese cultural show in the New South Wales. It provides a great opportunity for performing artists/ groups to showcase their culture and talent to the wider community, who will be enjoying this social event.


Past events

SCF organised Miyesi Rangana throughout past years with a great success. More details about past events and photos will be available soon.